This page is dedicated to the various events I have raced throughout the years. If you are encouraged to join a local race I hope these will give you an idea of what is out there. Maybe one of these races will be in your area.

Federal Way Days 5k – This was my very first attempt at a 5k. I didn’t actually plan to run but my group pressured me to try. I thought I was going to die partly because of the distance but more so because of my bra. I didn’t wear a sports bra because I didn’t think I would need it. Oh boy was I wrong.

Northwest Trek 5k – This was a cool race inside a wildlife park held before the park opened. This was the first 5k I ever ran alone. I got passed by kids and old people… and a speed walker, but whatever.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon – This was another race I did not train for nor did I plan to run it. The trainer of the bootcamp I was attending ran with me and pressured me to run. I ended up running the whole thing even though she stopped halfway through. I should have trained for the race because I was really sore the next few days.

Winter Pineapple Classic – This was my first team obstacle course 5k. During this race you and your team carry a pineapple as you go through the race. At the end of the race you keep your pineapple and eat a plate of Hawaiian food. I have done this one a couple times in teams and with kids. It is a fun way to hand out with friends. One year it was so muddy that people were loosing their shoes in the trail.

Aflac Iron Girl – This is a woman’s 5k hosted by Aflac. I did this was a team of ladies and we each got cute medals and stuffed Aflac ducks. The kids loved playing with the duck when we got home.

Dirty Dash – I made the mistake of not having anyone else sign up with me on this race. I was lucky that I got someone to take me because I was pretty muddy and wet afterwards. This was a laid back fun race. There was a beer garden in the middle and a huge water slide.

The Big Climb – This is not a run but a stair climb. A 69 flight stair climb to be exact. I have done this a couple of times. As big as this may seem it is actually shorter to walk this than to run a 5k. The key to this race is to be timed. There are far less people who go this route so the stairwells are much easier to navigate.

Rock and Roll Half Marathon – This is a big event done all over the country. There are people along the entire route screaming and cheering for you. There is singing and dancing and medal when you finish. There is also a huge expo that has many vendors for you to go see prior and after the race.

Firecracker 5000 – This is a midnight run through downtown Seattle on the 4th of July. The funny thing about running through downtown at midnight is that you pass a lot of bars. The people at the bars are so confused as to why people are running by them and they try to hand you drinks along the way. We got a cool glow in the dark t-shirt at this race.

Christmas Rush – This is a city race done before Christmas. Many people bring their babies and walk the race. Local companies form teams to attend, at least people at my job did. There are a lot of people in festive Christmas costumes.

Seafair Torchlight Run – This race is part of two week festival in Seattle. It is an annual event that gathers people from all over the state.

Summer Madness Triathlon – This was a small triathlon/dualathlon. It was a great first triathlon because I made a bunch of mistakes. Learn from my mistakes.

Save the Boobs – This is the name of the team I was on. I believe this is a Susan G. Komen race. I will be honest, this is the only race that I did not run. I was signed up and I didn’t know where to line up and I missed the start of the race. By the time I figured it out the race was already close to being finished. At least I got the shirt.

Femsport – Femsport is an all female fitness competition. Women come from all over the US to participate. I went with a group of friends and we made a weekend of the trip. It was a great way to take a short trips with friends and see so many fit ladies doing it up big at the competition.

Hot Chocolate 5k – This is a cool run because at the end you get a cup of delicious hot coco and chocolate fondu with a variety of dipping condiments.


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