Home Brewed Kombucha Tea

So I am finishing up my first batch of Kombucha Tea. If you don’t know, Kombucha Tea is a fermented sweet black tea, green or white tea. It uses a special yeast bacteria culture called a Scooby to aid the fermentation process. The scoby actually looks like a mushroom but it turns the tea into a fizzy sweet drink. It isn’t overly sweet and does have a slightly tart taste but not bad overall. You will find that recipes call for sugar. This is a key ingredient in creating the correct chemical reaction with the scoby. Do not substitute xylitol, stevia or other sugar substitutes in Kombucha recipes.

Culture of yeast and bacteria often referred to as a mushroom.

Culture of yeast and bacteria often referred to as a mushroom.


Kombucha tea is good at boosting the immune system, helping with anti-aging and preventing/treating other ailments such as cancer. Of course, there has not been any scientific studies done to test the theories. In fact, there have been reported side-effects linked to the tea when it is not brewed in a sterile environment when mold has grown into the culture. These side-effects have led to hospitalization. According to the American Cancer Society there have been a few rare deaths caused by prolonged tea usage. As with canning and cooking in general, always work in a clean area. Also avoid using metal. I suggest using glass jars and I would not ferment in ceramic because there may be a chance that chemicals from the ceramic coating may leach into your product. If you would like to make the tea, I followed the recipe on this site.


If you want to try to make your own tea and are worried about possible contamination here are some pictures of both healthy and non-healthy scoby’s. If you are worried you can do a quick search online for Bad scoby’s and you will find many postings from others who are asking questions on the health of their scoby.

Reference Sites: images and other information can be found on these sites






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